"Star Friends" 

Star Friends

   This series is about the friendship formed between a human boy named Timothy and a young alien named Plahara, and how they learn to appreciate the mysteries of the solar system and the planet Earth despite their different backgrounds. These books take a look at historic and mysterious events, to help open up children’s minds to the limitless possibilities of the world and the universe. They learn about all sorts of topics ranging from the Stonehenge to the Pleiades Star System, and this is all thanks to Plahara’s scientist father. It shows that friendship knows no bounds culturally or geographically. They are all hand drawn and water colored to add a personal touch. This is the first series of books by KT Kelly, she has written them for the children of the world. And especially her grandchildren; Keller, Duncan and Tehya.


Get ready for the next installment of Star Friends. Book 3 of Star Friends is coming soon. Timmothy's grandparents are about to meet Plahara, and his father for the first time...
Star Friends
   Part one; Timothy makes a wish for his birthday and soon meets Plahara, who becomes his adventurous best friend. They fly over earth observing earth changes old and new, volcanoes, ancient ruins and even a spacecraft by the moon. Timothy is all to soon returned home safe and sound by Plahara, who promises to return soon for more adventures!
Star Friends II
   In part 2 of our story, Timothy has a dream that Plahara is going to visit him again for anther adventure. The dream comes true, and Plahara sweeps up Timothy for anther adventure. This time to save Plahara’s cousin Playa from misfortune, hopefully they can save her in time.
Star Friends III
Star Friends IV
For part 3 of our saga we have a coming together of worlds. After so many adventures with Plahara, Timothy’s loving grandparents become increasingly more curious about the out-of-world playmates Timothy has made. Plahara and his father agree to meet with Timothy’s family and we are yet again swept off on another adventure, with the coming together of two different peoples and the understanding that even if they are different they are still similar.
   Part 4 we yet again join Timothy, Plahara and Playa, this time with an adventure into space and time. They are headed to the space station housing the Galaxy’s Children’s Science Fair. What will the trio encounter on their journey to a better understanding of the world and universe around them.  You guessed it they come across a wide variety of children much like themselves all a little different in their own way, and together for the same reason to learn and have. It just goes to show, no matter where you are from, what you look like, or what you love, there is someone out there just like you, a little different.


   Just recently I bought the book, Star Friends by kt kelly. It was so much fun reading it to my grandchildren. They were curious about the two boys, Timothy and Plahara being best friends because they look so different from each other. The children do not live by the ocean, so were fascinated with the little craft going underwater to see the animals who live there. We have thoroughly enjoyed book one and are 
looking forward to the rest of the series!
Clare Perkins 
   I recently read Book one of the ,"Star Friends series by kt kelly. What a great book to introduce my grandchildren to the new millennium! Flying about the planet observing earth changes whether to the environment or  animal habitat is important  for kids to understand. Then to show them two young boys so different become best friends is an eye opening concept. You can by yellow orange or green and still be alike in your heart. 
I am looking forward to more of the book series.
Yours truly
Sheryl Holliday
   Recently I came across the "Star Friends" book series by kt kelly and found it to be educational and entertaining for young children. Timothy and Plahara find friendship and expand our knowledge of the planet in exciting travel over forests and under the seas in their craft. Along the way, they meet new friends and check out the earth's environment. I plan on purchasing the books as presents for my relatives children. And look 
forward to many more excursions with Timothy and friends.
Thank you,
Liza Zents
    This is an excellent book for children, although it would not hurt for adults to read this as well. Well put together and is very insightful, my daughter loved it.
 Love, light and happiness,
Charles Lightwalker

KT Kelly

About the Author:

KT Kelly was born and raised in a large and loving religious midwest family. Storytelling, artistry and writing were common place in  her household. Her early life was spent on the family farm near a  forest area which gave her first hand experiences with nature. She was also raised with an understanding of environmental issues, which she brings to her books. After college, she traveled extensively around the U.S., Mexico and Europe looking for life’s answers. Soon she had a family of her own and came to an important realization that she wanted to instill in her children a healthy curiosity to help them expand their horizons. She soon began to use her talents for storytelling to create books that enlighten children with educational adventures. These books have been on her mind for some time, and now she is finally realizing her dream to publish inspiring educational books for children. She is also an active member in the local environmental sustainability coalition in Idaho.